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Volleyball Backpacks Anti-Smell Cleaning Tips

Volleyball Backpacks Anti-Smell Cleaning Tips

Because we place a lot of our clothes and other sport gear in our volleyball backpacks, it is inevitable that our packs smelly and dirty. The backpacks may also be made of fabric like polyester or nylon which does not breathe well. The foul smell can be acquired from contents in the bag, spilled liquids, and the sweat in our used clothes. To prevent smelly odors that won’t come off, here are tips in cleaning our backpacks.


Manufacturer’s Instructions

The first thing to do is to check the care instructions of the manufacturer of the backpack if it should be hand or machine-washed. We can also call the manufacturer and ask for advice on cleaning.


Before Cleaning Our Volleyball Backpacks

Prior to cleaning the backpack, we must remove its contents and then open its compartments and pockets. The bag must be turned inside out. We should then thoroughly vacuum it using a cornering attachment so as to remove dirt along the seams and in its corners. We then place it in a cool area or out in the air where there is a breeze for one whole day or more to remove the odor.


Hand-Washing Tips

If the foul smell of the backpack remains, we need to hand-wash it using a mild laundry detergent and a damp cloth or sponge. To scrub the surfaces of the pack, we need a scrub brush and soapy water. We should then thoroughly wash the bag with clean, cold water and allow air-drying. If the smell still remains, we need to soak the backpack overnight inside a tub with water and half a cup baking soda.


Machine-Washing Volleyball Backpacks

images (49)If the smell persists, we should machine-wash the backpack in a delicate cycle if its manufacturer allows it. Detachable or loose ties or strings must be removed prior to washing. There should be no other items inside the machine when washing the backpack. We must then add half cup white vinegar inside the machine prior to the last rinse cycle. Hot water must also be used for this.

Another way of cleaning a backpack is through a hot water rub.  We should dip a clean washcloth in a bowl with hot water and then rub the cloth on the backpack’s exterior and interior to take away dirt or dust. We must then place a small amount of gentle dishwashing soap or laundry detergent on the damp washcloth. This shall take away dirt that has set in or any stubborn grease. The washcloth must be rubbed over the pack initially on the exterior followed by the interior.

We should then get another clean washcloth and dip it inside our bowl filled with hot water. The cloth must then be rubbed on the pack to take away the soap. We must wring out the cloth frequently and then place it back in our bowl. All excess soap must be removed.


Air-Drying Tips

The pack must then be air-dried for a day or more. Drying it in a machine dryer may damage its material or the dryer itself. The safest way to clean our backpack and make it look brand new is through air-drying.

With these cleaning tips, we can look forward to getting more use out of our volleyball backpacks without having to worry about them being smelly and dirty.

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