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Vaude Backpacks Loading Tips

Vaude Backpacks Loading Tips

It is easier, more comfortable, and less stressful to bring well-loaded Vaude Backpacks than those which are off-balance. It is important to know to how to load our backpacks properly so that our backs will not be unduly burdened.  Here are tips in loading our backpacks.


Packing Small Items In Our Vaude Backpacks

The first thing would be to collect all the things and equipment we wish to carry. These include clothes, food, and water. The small items which we will need only when we pitch camp should be placed in the empty spaces like that of cooking pots to maximize space.


Packing Heavier Items

images (48)If our backpack has an internal frame, we can put our sleeping bag at its bottom. If our pack has an external frame, we can tie the sleeping bag at the bottom of the frame.  The sleeping bag will not be needed prior to pitching camp. A self-contained item such as a tent can be strapped outside of our backpack. We should, however, refrain from packing the bag too wide as it will be difficult to move our arms comfortably. For our equipment to be held in place, we must look for bags with long straps and buckles as they are safer than bungee cords.

Heavy items such as food, fuel, stove and water must be placed next to our back and on top of the sleeping bag. These objects must not protrude from our pack and must not be stuffed at the base but rather close to our backs. For easier access, our water bottles must be kept in an accessible pocket.


Distribution Of Weight In Our Vaude Backpacks

The weight of the contents of the backpack must be evenly distributed from all sides so that the pack will not be uneven once we carry it. The rest of the volume of the backpack must be filled with clothing. The lightest items must be farthest from our back.


Harsh Weather Conditions

If a storm is coming, we should have a garbage bag in our backpack to place our clothes inside as rain may leak into the zippers and seams of our backpack. Our water, snacks, and trash must be placed in one of the outside pockets of the pack. We should also place batteries, books, a flashlight, maps and a sun block inside the top pocket for easier access so that we can get them without breaking pace.

If we plan to check items inside a plane, we should not strap them to the backpack’s outer part. Although some airlines allow this, it is not advisable to do this as our equipment may be ripped loose in transit. If possible we must never overstuff our backpacks as heavy loads can pop seams and zippers.  Heavier loads can also cause strain on our back. We need to be careful with placing items in our pack’s outside pockets as these may fall off or may be stolen by people passing by.

The items we need must be placed in the backpack’s top flap or pockets. There are many backpacks that do not close properly thus a big and uneven load inside their top pockets may throw us off balance.

Some people might not think much of it, but packing and loading our Vaude Backpacks properly is actually something that will help make our trip more enjoyable.

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