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Mountainsmith Backpacks Tips for Washing

Mountainsmith Backpacks Tips for Washing

Regular use our Mountainsmith backpacks means they will eventually get soiled. To keep them from becoming stinky and dirty, you need to wash them at least once a year. Cleaning backpacks is not difficult especially if they are of good material and quality. Here are tips for washing your backpacks.


Fabric Of Our Mountainsmith Backpacks

First up, you need to assess the backpack’s fabric. Usually, it is made of either canvas or nylon. If your backpack is not made of either fabric, look inside for the tag found in the bag which specifies directions for caring for it. If your backpack possesses a metal frame, then you should ask a person working in a store selling sporting goods how such a bag is properly cleaned before attempting to wash it on your own.


Removing Gunk

Next, you should check out the hidden places of the backpack for visible gunk such as mud or chewing gum that’s  stuck on it. Then treat such gunk by scrubbing them off using water and a toothbrush, not a pleasant task, but definitely needs to be done.


Check The Straps

You must inspect the straps of your backpack which  are usually made from foam. Check if these are removable and if so, you must take them off and separately wash them by hand.


Washing Our Mountainsmith Backpacks

mountainsmith-treklight-at-55-backpack-review-1When washing the backpack, you should put this inside a garment bag or a pillow case and then place this inside a washing machine. Use a gentle laundry detergent, preferably one that is not fragrance-free. If this is a first time wash, then you should wash it on its own, because the color might bleed into your other laundry. Dryer sheets should not be used. You should place your washing machine on a warm setting, using the most delicate cycle. If this is the only item in your washing machine, you should ensure it will not disturb the machine.

If you do not wish to use a washing machine and would rather hand-wash your backpack, then place it inside a tub with warm water. Then scrub it gently after soaking it for some time prior to rinsing it for the last time and then hang it to dry.


Drying The Backpack

After washing the backpack, it’s safest to hang it dry, because all its metal pieces, material coatings, straps and plastic parts may get broken in the dryer. Usually a backpack has a coating inside which repels water and can melt inside the dryer. If  there isn’t enough space for air-drying, then you can use the dryer, as long as it is placed on an air dry setting, so as to extract excess moisture without the use of heat.  Speaking from experience, when  the bag comes out of the dryer, it’s still fine.  Simply place it on a hanger and hang it inside a closet until it dries completely. You can expect the backpack to take some time to dry because of its fabric and size.

Follow these tips to wash your Mountainsmith backpacks. For a fantastic range of backpacks, visit the Mountainsmith backpack site.

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