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Camelbak Backpacks For Light Backpacking Trips

Camelbak Backpacks For Light Backpacking Trips

One of the most exciting and daring ways to enjoy the wilderness is through backpacking using Camelback Backpacks. If we wish to make the most of that experience, we need to look for very light survival items to place in our backpack so as to minimize exhaustion and back pain when we are hiking. It can be costly to buy light equipment but they are a good investment. When we go backpacking, we should pack things that we need and not things we want. Here are tips to backpack lightly.


Weight Of Equipment

The first thing to do to pack lightly for a backpacking trip is to check the weight of our present equipment. We should pack our backpack the normal way, place it on a regular weighing scale and then deduct our body weight. Based on the number we get, we should find out the base weight we wish to carry. This weight does not include food, fuel and water.

Camelbak Backpacks Must Weight 3 ½ Pounds Or Less

We should know how to drop weight easily and if necessary. Our backpack should not weigh more than three and a half pounds. If the weight goes beyond that, we must reduce the stuff inside. If we wish to have shelter, we must choose a tarp tent. Our sleeping bag must be lightweight yet capable of giving maximum warmth. This is possible if it is filled with more than 800 goose down. The preferable weight of our sleeping bags should not exceed one pound.


Check What Is Inside Our Camelbak Backacks

images (47)We must check our backpacks and know the use of every item inside. We have to make sure that the items can be used for a couple of purposes every day. For instance, we can bring clothes to keep us warm and at the same time they can be bundled up and used as a pillow. We can carry a tarp with us to keep us dry and provide us shade during the day. We should have a knife that can open cans and cut wood and other things. This shall help us reduce the equipment we carry with us.


Food Preparation In The Wilderness

When we go backpacking, we usually bring things for food preparation. We must never bring two pots as one is enough to cook our food in and eat from. Ideally, we should have a cooking setup that has one titanium or aluminum pot, a stove and a titanium spoon.  When we add all of these together, they may weigh less than one pound. If we bring multiple cooking gear and utensils, we will add on a lot of weight.


When bringing food, there are some things that are not advisable to carry such as canned goods. These are heavy. We can instead bring macaroni and cheese, noodles, powdered mash potatoes, peanut butter and tortillas. To reduce additional garbage once in the wilderness, we can repack our grocery items.

If we wish to go backpacking lightly with our Camelbak Backpacks, these are the tips to follow.

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